7 BEST Copy Trading platforms & Apps Copy Trade in 2023

That’s why one of the best places to kickstart your crypto investing career is a social trading platform that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies. In this article, we review some of the best crypto social trading platforms in the market. Our online trading platform​​, Next Generation, comes equipped with a news and insights​​ section for further analysis of the financial markets. We also have a dedicated page for forex news trading, which is one of the most popular assets to trade across the globe. ​Our platform tools show traders how to enter a trade chat and discuss topical issues and discoveries with other traders. Kikitrade is a social-oriented crypto investment platform that allows you to buy and manage digital assets.

social trade platform

If you want to share your success with others, you can earn up to 20% in performance fees! Conversely, followers will have a chance to grow their wealth by copying the trading activity of verifiable experts. Read on to learn more about copy trading and how it could benefit you. Create a live account to access this exclusive feature of our platform. It can be used as a forex trading forum, stock trading forum, or for any other financial market that you are interested in trading.

What is social trading?

Plus, there’s a demo account option, providing with the ability to try different strategies before you risk actual money. ZuluTrade has over 10,000 traders to choose from and provides software so you can narrow down the best trader for your needs. Many of ZuluTrade’s signal providers trade in demo accounts or have limited trading experience. The best way to evaluate the firm’s platform is through its demo account, which is offered free of charge and available to U.S. residents. The social trading platform offers full transaction copying with elements of a social network and a full-featured demo access.

social trade platform

Overconfidence usually leads to excessive risk-taking and long-term losses. Social trading sounds excellent on paper but is only as good as the traders in the community. Check the social trading brokers listed on this page to create a shortlist that meet your minimum requirements determined in point 1. Followers must have in-depth data about the traders they wish to copy.


Great mentors or coaches typically cost sums of money that aren’t available in just anyone’s pockets. Not every retail investor can afford a great investing coach. That’s why a smart way to approach investing is by having someone to coach you. Having a mentor, a friend, a coach, or anyone else with the relevant experience can streamline https://xcritical.com/ your learning process without burning your portfolio via expensive trial and error experiments. ​ is low, it means that they are used to making money from volatile changes to their positions. This can mean that they have an average return of 20% annualised but will regularly make and lose more than 50% on their trades.

Aside from being unavailable to U.S. residents in terms of legality, many of them use instruments that are considered risky, like currencies, and include CFDs, which are derivatives. In fact, there are some social trading platforms that won’t even let you sign up if you’re a U.S. citizen living outside the country. You can join FX Junction for free, allowing you to see the forex trading signals of others, and automatically copy them from your own trading account. In order to use FX Junction, you need to already have a registered brokerage account that uses MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 platforms. Once that’s done, you can choose which signals from professionals you want to copy. The SwipeStox app is available for iOS and Android devices and is owned by Naga Trader.

What Is Social Trading?

Our expert team has done all the work for you, and reviewed brokers based on BrokerChooser’s unique methodology. You can choose from various style options and add your brands logo. You can also restrict what brokers can be used on your Whitelabel and even add a broker affiliate link to funnel users to your preferred broker.

Alternatively, it alerts the copying trader so he or she can decide to either copy the trade or keep track of the trade made by the copied trader. They enjoy access to 1,600 different asset classes and financial markets that include stocks, currencies, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities and derivatives. An automated process of copying trades to the accounts of investors. Funds remain in the investment accounts, and the trades are also placed there.

Then you can also engage in different commodities and exchange-traded funds . IG International Limited is part of the IG Group and its ultimate parent company is IG Group Holdings Plc. IG International Limited receives services from other members of the IG Group including IG Markets Limited. Adding indicators to your MT4 account can help to enhance your trading and take greater control of your positions. If this is the case, you’ll want to ensure that the platform is right for your trading goals before you open an account. Sign up and open a ”Social Trade” account, Perform the minimum deposit to activate your account.

MQL5 Trading Signals

Hardware security modules with a rating of FIPS Level 3 or greater. Every order is subject to a full risk assessment before execution. To make sure you are happy with your decision, we recommend that you test all of our features with a Paper trading Account.

However, there is a variable commission charged on stock CFDs and ETFs. There really is no competition in the social trading platform space when you look at the numbers. That is to say, eToro is without a doubt the market leader in this sector – with more than 17 million clients now using the social trading platform to invest. Back in 2017, the platform even launched its own ICO and NAGA utility token and raised over $50 million. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries.

  • Not only can you follow traders and connect to a community of investors, but in some cases you can also execute trades on these platforms, copying what others do–and hopefully make some money.
  • For those interested in keeping trading costs lower, Interactive Brokers is on the list and can be a good choice.
  • You’ll need to be set up with the MetaTrader platform, using either MT4 or MT5.
  • With social trading, one can garner ideas from many social trading networks.
  • This can give users an edge when making their own trades while avoiding costly mistakes due solely to inexperience.

The 3commas cloud solution allows any institution to launch a SAAS platform that provides global cryptocurrency trading capabilities. We minimize technical difficulties for partners and platforms. We want you to be focused on your users and local fiat access in order to make the most of cryptocurrency trading. We usually find that this is something offered by the best social trading platforms.

MT4/MT5 Social Trading

First and foremost, you need to check how ‘social’ your chosen platform is. For example, while some online brokers simply offer a copy or mirror trading service, others go one step further by offering a complete social experience. For example, eToro allows you to see what your fellow traders are speculating on once you click on an asset. Then, you can sort the list of suitable forex market traders by specific metrics – such as monthly average returns.

In this solution, the trader operates in the accounts of several clients at once. Each client has an account to track their contribution to the common trades. Managers can use trading robots or EAs in their master accounts. This feature is available in any mode of the investment service.

social trade platform

Afterwards, the trading signals of the trader/traders you have chosen will be broadcast to your trading account. This will vary depending on your chosen social trading platform. EToro charges no additional fees to use its Copy Trading feature. NAGA charges 5% on all trades that make more than €5 in profit. In order to benefit from this, your chosen social trading platform must be compatible with the likes of MT4, MT5, ZuluTrade, or cTrader broker platforms. Although AI trading does come with its benefits, it’s a lot more risk-averse to stick with traditional copy trading services.

The chance of a lifetime for investors and amateur traders

This significantly limits the instruments that can be traded by those whose trades you might copy. Many countries allow copy trading, though U.S. residents socialtrader tools have extremely limited social trading platform options. This is because of strict restrictions on social trading imposed by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010.

However you do it, though, you use what you’ve learned in your own terminal. So, if you buy a system, you can then run it from your own MetaTrader dashboard. You can also find a virtual server to be constantly copying a trader’s moves and signals, without having to run it on your own. Like Trading Motion, you can pay a subscription to use an automated system that copies successful traders. You need to check to see if your broker is on the list of partners, though. For those interested in keeping trading costs lower, Interactive Brokers is on the list and can be a good choice.

If a trader continues to make a profit, he will move up in the leaderboard and become visible to every single client within the brokerage. Copy trading can be used as more than just an investments instrument. Beginners can copy positions and analyze when, where and why the master made a trade.

ZuluTrade cannot provide services to U.S. residents, who can only use free demo accounts. Each signal provider’s returns can be examined on the MQL5 website, as well as their maximum drawdown and other important statistics based on their trading results. While many brokers that provide social trading offer an excellent service, the ones in our toplist go the extra mile. There are no restrictions for brokers on how they want to make money in this service. Any existing arrangement is available, including spreads and fees. Note that superior risk hedging can be achieved in MT5 and MT4 PAMM or MAM mode for A-book brokers.